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Let`s celebrate the forthcoming GDC 2019!

In celebration of the next Game Developers Conference we teamed up with some of the best audio software tools developers to create a giveaway promotion including an amazing bundle of professional products for free to the lucky winners. Win professional tools valued at more than $9.000!!

Acon Digital, Accusonus, Audified, Audionamix, Digital Brain Instruments, Inear Display,

Nugen Audio, Red Libraries, Sonible, SoundBits and SoundMorph.


If you`re a student, sound designer, audio editor or composer you`ll love this audio tools, it`s a fantastic opportunity to get for free a bunch of professional tools for your next audio projects.

Join the GDC 2019 GIVEAWAY !!

AUDIFIED | Mix Checker Pro. Speak Up. RZ062EQ. U78 Saturator. DW Drum Enhancer. STA Effects. TNT Voice Executor.

ACON DIGITAL | Acustica Premium Edition 7:  Equalize 2, Verberate, DeClick, DeHum, DeNoise, Phono Filter, Vitalize, Convolve, Dither, Dynamics, Multiband Dynamics, Limit, Transfer.

ACCUSONUS | Era Bundle Standard: Noise Remover, Reverb Remover, De-Esser, Plosive Remover, Voice Leveler,

DeClipper. Regroover.

AUDIONAMIX | Professional Suite Bundle: Trax Pro SP,  Instant Dialogue Cleaner, Vocal Volume Control.  

DIGITAL BRAIN INSTRUMENTS  | Voxpat. Multiplex Vocoder. Talkie Box. Transformer. Batch Pro. CMixer. Oscar.


NUGEN AUDIO | Surround Suite Bundle + 3D

RED LIBRARIES | Choose 3 Red Libraries Collections.

SINEVIBES | Creative Collection: Blend, Corrosion, Dipole, Dispersion, Dropplet, Emission, Eternal, Luminance, Malfunction, Whirl.

SONIBLE | Smart EQ 2

SOUNDBITS | Hit & Whoosh Bundle: Just Impacts Simple, Just Impacts Processed, Just Impacts Extension, Just Impacts Extension 2, Just Impacts Designed, Crash & Smash Designed, Just Whoosh 1, Just Whoosh 2, Just Whoosh 3, Just Transitions Creepy Trailers, Just Transitions Sci-Fi Movement, Whooses & Impacts 1, Whooses & Impacts 2, Whooses & Impacts 2 Elements, Tiny Transitions, Tiny Transitions 2, Cinematic Hits & Transitions, Cinematic Hits & Transitions 2.

Hard Effects Bundle: Antiques, Rampage, Buttons Switches & Levers, The Blacksmith, Hardwriting SFX, Drag & Slide, Open & Close, Open & Close 2, Crash & Smash, Just Stones, Elecktro-Mechanics ToolKit, Electric Typewriters.

SOUNDMORPH | Choose any product.




Only 1 submission per person. Personal data must be real, an ID Card will be requested for the winners.

Subscribe to newsletters to get 2 extra chances to win. Entries will be accepted until March 21th.

The 3 winners will be chosen randomly and announced on March 22nd.

Each product within the giveaway is ruled strictly by its own EULA.

Please read all of them carefully before to start using any product. Product licenses are always personal and non-transferable.

Just for participating you`ll get a 40% OFF on all Digital Brain Instruments tools for limited time.




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